S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Accelerator keys

Besides the usual key bindings for copy (ctrl c), cut (ctrl x), paste (ctrl v), help (F1), quit (ctrl q) etc., the tables show more specific accelerator keys provided by Structorizer.

Insert elements into the diagram

Function after current element before current element
insert Instruction F5 shift F5
insert IF Statement F6 shift F6
insert CASE Statement F10 shift F10
insert FOR-Loop F7 shift F7
insert WHILE-Loop F8 shift F8
insert REPEAT-Loop F9 shift F9
insert CALL F11 shift F11
insert JUMP (Exit)
F12 shift F12
insert PARALLEL F13 shift F13

Work with selected elements in the diagram

Function Accelerator key
edit selected element enter
commit changes in editor shift enter, ctrl enter
delete selected element(s) del
cut selected element(s)
ctrl x, shift del
copy selected element(s) ctrl c, ctrl ins
paste copied/cut element(s) ctrl v, shift ins
move selected element up ctrl cursor up
move selected element down ctrl cursor down
select element above
cursor up
select element below
cursor down
select left element cursor left
select right element cursor right
expand selection to element above
shift cursor up
expand selection to element below
shift cursor down
collapse element Numpad -
expand element Numpad +
transmute (change type of) element ctrl t
outsource elements to a new subroutine (≥ V 3.27) ctrl F11
toggle breakpoint ctrl shift b
specify break trigger ctrl alt b
disable/enable element ctrl 7
replace fd/bk by forward/backward shift g
replace forward/backward by fd/bk ctrl g

Work with Structorizer or the entire diagram itself

Function Accelerator key
open user guide (in browser) F1
show version info shift F1
show link to the home page ctrl F1
create new diagram (clear diagram)
ctrl n
open (load) a diagram ctrl o
save diagram ctrl s
save diagram as... ctrl alt s
save all diagrams ctrl shift s
undo last change ctrl z
redo last undone change ctrl shift z, ctrl y
print diagram ctrl p
copy as EMF image to clipboard ctrl shift d
copy as PNG image to clipboard ctrl d
create PNG image file ctrl e
open the Find & Replace dialog (≥ V 3.27) ctrl f
open Executor control ("run", ≥ V 3.27-04) ctrl r
open Turtleizer and Executor control (≥ V 3.27-04) ctrl shift r
export as program code for preselected language ctrl shift x
open Attribute Inspector alt enter
toggle text and comment view ctrl alt v
highlight variables (on/off)
switch structogram analysis on or off
show/hide Arranger index
shift F3
enlarge font
ctrl Numpad+
diminish font
ctrl Numpad-
move horiz./vertical divider
ctrl F8
circle focus clockwise (also ends divider mode)
circle focus counter-clockwise
shift tab

Font resizing in other contexts

Function Accelerator key
enlarge font in executor output window ctrl Numpad+
diminish font in executor output window ctrl Numpad-
enlarge font of element editor text fields
ctrl Numpad+
diminish font of element editor text fields
ctrl Numpad-

Arranger index and Analyser report area

Context Function Accelerator key
Arranger index scroll Arranger to selected diagram space
Arranger index fetch selected diagram from Arranger enter
Arranger index removes diagram from Arranger del
Report list edit the responsible element


Function Accelerator key
switch the Zoom button from zoom out to zoom in
and the Drop Diagram button to Remove All
zoom in
zoom out


Function Accelerator key
load the locale of the selected button
re-load a language file for the selected locale
shift enter
open the Find dialog
ctrl f