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The text of a loop element of type "REPEAT UNTIL" is supposed to contain a Boolean expression (a logical statement) representing the exit condition of the loop.
A REPEAT loop will repeatedly execute a sequence of instructions — called its body — until the exit condition becomes true. If the condition is false when entering the loop element then the loop body will still be executed at least once.

Please note:
The default text can be modified under Preferences › Structures.

This is how you add a REPEAT loop to your diagram:

1. Select the element where you want to insert  the REPEAT loop, then click on the REPEAT loop button in the toolbar (or select the respective menu item in the context menu or Diagram menu):

Select the REPEAT-Loop
2. Insert a Boolean expression as exit condition:

Edit the REPEAT-Loop 

3. Add instructions (or any other elements) to the loop body:

Add an instruction in the REPEAT-Loop 

4. If you want more than one instruction executed as body then add them after or before the first one.

Add an instruction After the first in the REPEAT-Loop

5. If you want to add further instructions after (or before) the REPEAT loop you must select the loop foot first:

Add an instruction After the REPEAT-Loop

6. This is what the finished version looks like:

Completed REPEAT-Loop

Download Demo