S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Diagram > Colorize element

If you want to dye an element, you must first select it and then click on one of the following speedbuttons:

The new paintbox toolbar

This feature allows you to highlight, emphasize, or visually distinguish parts of a diagram.

For the above example:

  • The red instruction produces an error message.
  • The green instruction initialises the variable "RES" with the value "1".
  • The yellow block inverts the value of "RES" if "N" is less than zero.

If the coloured element contains a Turtleizer move statement (one of forward, fd, backward, or bk) then the element colour may also have a functional effect, i.e. it determines the colour of the line drawn by the Turtle (where a white element background means a black line, however).

Remark: The colours in the palette can be customized via the "colors" preferences.