S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Diagram > Disable element

Since version 3.25-03 you have the opportunity to disable elements in the diagram without having to delete them. Disabled elements will simply be skipped on execution, ignored by the Analyser, and will appear as outcommented sections in exported source files.

In the diagram they are shown with a hatched texture:

Diagram with disabled elements

To disable an element or an element sequence, select the elements and then you have these opportunities:

  • Activate menu item "Debug › Disable";
  • Right-click an element and activate the Disable item in the popup menu;
  • Press the toolbar button Icon showing a selected disabled instruction;
  • Press the accelerator key <Ctrl><7>.

The same actions are used to re-enable selected disabled elements. If you select a subsequence of elements, which are partially disabled, then the above actions will turn all of the elements disabled first. The next action would enable all of them and so forth.

If you disable a structured element (e.g. a loop or alternative) then of course all contained substructure is automatically disabled as well — without being shown in hatched style:

Diagram with disabled structured element

This decision was made because

  1. it is consistent with colouring, selection, and execution highlighting;
  2. substructure elements can also be disabled individually (their disabled state would remain when that of the containing structure is lifted). This would be invisible otherwise. Of course it doesn't play a role as long as the superstructure is disabled (you cannot effectively enable an element, the superstructure of which is disabled).