S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Preferences > Colors

Preferences menu with item Colors selected

You can dye the elements of your diagram in arbitrary colours. The toolbar contains 10 buttons with different (default) colours:

Toolbar paintbox

These colours may be customized via the colour preference dialog.

Color preferences window

In order to modify a colour, you simply need to click on the respective rectangle and select a new colour in the OS-specific colour choose dialog that will pop up:

Typical color chooser dialog

So you may "mix" your own palette very freely, without risk.


  • Colours are saved individually with each element. This means that changing your default colours will not affect the colours of already dyed elements of existing diagrams. They will keep their original colour until someone explicitly changes it.
  • If the colours in the menu happen to be totally diverged you may restore the original standard colour set by simply pressing the "Reset" button in the "Color Preferences" dialog (versions ≥ 3.28-13):
    New button to reset the color choice
  • You may save (and restore) individual 10-tuples of favourite colours without affecting other settings via a selective preference export.