S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Settings > Code preview

The visibility of the scrollable Code preview may be switched off or on via the menu item "Diagram › Show Code preview?":

Menu Diagram with Show Code preview selected

If enabled then the code preview for the current diagram will appear aside the work area in the tabbed pane:

Structorizer with Code preview enabled

See section Code preview on the Code generator manual page for details how to control the code preview.


  • The tabbed info pane will vanish when both Arranger index and Code preview are disabled.
  • Neither this menu item nor the Code preview will be available if Structorizer was started in an I/O-restricted mode, which can be achieved
    • with command line parameter "-restricted" (version 3.30-10 only!);
    • via a central predominant ini file that contains a line "noExportImport=1" (versions ≥ 3.30-11).