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Settings > DIN?

In DIN 66261, the German Institute for Standardization defined the appearance of Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams. Menu option "DIN?" (or "DIN 66261?") is to turn on a DIN-conform diagram representation.

Diagram mnu with DIN 66261 selected

Actually, this setting affects only the "FOR-loop", because it's the sole element type, for which the Structorizer representation may differ from the DIN-66261 specification:

FOR diagram according to DIN


FOR diagram not according to DIN


FOR loop in accordance with DIN 66261
("DIN?" checked)

FOR loop not in accordance with DIN 66261
("DIN?" unchecked; default in Structorizer)


Also note the appearance of different menu icons depending on the setting.

Icons For-Loop in DIN mode

Icon "FOR loop" when checked "DIN?"


Icons For-Loop in not-DIN mode

Icon "FOR loop" when not checked "DIN?"


Note: You can alter freely between the settings. The appearance of all diagrams will immediately switch to the new mode. This is no modification of the diagram itself but only of its representation.