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Since version 3.25-09, Structorizer offers an automatic notification, if a newer version of Structorizer is available for download. For this purpose, Structorizer would retrieve the version number of the "latest version" from the Structorizer homepage whenever you start it. Structorizer will not of course send any personal data (except your IP address in order to obtain the response).

You will not be tracked. We think, however, that applications should not inadvertently connect to some internet site without being explicitly enabled to by their user. So it has always been an "opt in" feature, which is disabled by default.

Note: This preference is meant for manual installations of Structorizer (see Installation). If you work with the Windows installer distribution of Structorizer (or the Java WebStart distribution while it had still been supported) you will not need this mode, because in these cases the launcher will already be equipped with an update control mechanism that cares to get the newest package from the Structorizer homepage on every start of Structorizer.

This is where you may enable or disable this preference:

Preferences checkbox menu item

By activating the checkbox item "Notify of new versions" you allow Structorizer to request the version number of the most up-to-date Structorizer release downloadable as "latest version" from the Structorizer home page .

If the retrieved version number is newer than the one of your currently running Structorizer then a message box informing you on this newer version and where to obtain it from will pop up after Structorizer start:

Update dialog with new version indication

Actually, this is the same dialog being opened from menu item "Help › Update ... ".

Likewise, on opening the dialog associated to menu item "Help › About..." a hint will be shown in case a newer version is available if the preference "Notify of newer version" is active:

About dialog with version notification

If you deselect the preference "Notify of new versions" then no connection to the Structorizer homepage will be tried and, consequently, no information about newer versions will be shown. On the other hand, a hint that this option is available will pop up on Structorizer start (it will be suppressed on using Java WebStart or the Windows installer as it doesn't make sense then):

Update notification preference info box

Lest this information popup should annoy you every time you start Structorizer, while you do not want to deactivate the update notification, you may suppress this popup for all subsequent Structorizer starts of the same version, simply by pressing button "Don't show this window again". As mentioned, this popup suppression will only last till a new Structorizer version is installed. (Of course you may decide to enable or disable the update notification preference independently whenever you want.)