S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Preferences > Mouse wheel

In the "Preferences" menu you can specify what effect the mouse wheel is to have within Structorizer:

Preferences menu with mouse wheel submenu emphasised

The submenu "Mouse icon Mouse wheel" comprises two toggle items and another menu item for functional aspects of the mouse wheel (or the analogous wiping gestures on a touchpad):

  • The toggle item " Toggle for the mouse wheel mode Mouse wheel for collapsing?" concerns only the behaviour within the Structorizer work area (see overview). If it is selected then rolling the wheel within the Structorizer work area will collapse or expand the currently selected element(s). Otherwise rotating the mouse wheel will simply scroll in the Structorizer work area vertically or (on most platforms) - with the Shift key pressed - horizontally. For other scrollable contexts (Arranger, Arranger index, Analyser report area, Output Console, etc.) this setting has no impact at all. Even in the work area the normal scrolling may be effective with a little delay though the collapsing is enabled. (Remark: If you work with a Structorizer version prior to 3.28-01, then you find this setting in menu "Diagram".)
  • The toggle item "Zoom out icon Reverse zoom with ctrl + wheel?" addresses a behaviour introduced with version 3.28-01: Rotating the mouse wheel with <Ctrl> key pressed zooms in (on upward rotation) or out (on downward rotation) in the following scrollable contexts: Structorizer work area, Arranger, and Output Console. Though this is the usual (and intuitive) zoom effect, there are some applications that have an inverse mouse wheel zooming. So if you happen to be accustomed to the reverse zooming effect, you may select this menu item to accommodate.
  • The menu item "Mouse icon Mouse wheel scroll unit ..." allows you to accommodate the scrolling speed (i.e. the basic scrolling unit for the mouse wheel) in a range between 1 and 20 (since version 3.29-09). The impact concerns both Structorizer work area and Arranger. When this item is selected then a little dialog will pop up with a spinner:
    Mouse wheel unit spinner