S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
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Structorizer allows you to convert your designed algorithm to several programming languages (among them Pascal/Delphi, Java, C, C++, C#, BASIC, Python) and even some script and shell languages.

To do so, select the respective menu item of submenu "File => Export => Code". See Export for more details and Export Options for possible generator configuration items.

In most cases, however, you may not expect a flawless and instantly compilable or executable code. This wouldn't be feasible because a (more or less syntax-free) Nassi-Shneiderman diagram will usually not specify all details a specific language might require.

What you yet will obtain is an almost correct algorithmic skeleton that will have to be post-processed a bit manually to achieve a working program or routine. Typically, variable declarations will have to be provided, for instance. Or some algorithmic features like exit jumps or parallel sections may not be supported by the target language. "TODO" comments placed in the code will help the beginner in perceiving what is to be done to accomplish the output. Despite the incompleteness code export will already help the programming beginner a lot. And even experienced programmers who want to document their algorithms are spared a lot of duplicate work if they start with Structorizer and then just export and adaptate the designed algorithm.

Please be aware that for many languages there are a lot of dialects out there. So it's not unlikely that the derived code may work with one system but cause errors with another. (However, if you think that the exported code serves too exotic a dialect and should better be replaced by a more compatible output, just contact the Structorizer team, please, and raise an issue, ideally giving a reference to the respective programming language specification or documentation. Possibly, some additional export options might be introduced to address diverging demands.)