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Features > Syntax highlighting

Generally, all text in the diagram is written in standard font (black), but you may enable the option "Highlight variables?" in the menu "View" (before version 3.32-13: "Diagram").

The name "Variable highlighting" doesn't quite exactly describe what this feature is doing, because it's not only variables that are emphasized. With this option enabled, Structorizer helps you to distinguish different syntactic categories and easier to keep an overview by highlighting certain names or literals in the instruction texts.

These are:

  • variables — bold dark blue
  • operators — bold burgundy
  • input / output keywords — bold green
  • string literals — violet
  • jump keywords — bold apricot
  • alias names for controller routines — underlined

In addition, certain symbols are shown in a more user-friendly way. These are:

Symbol conversion
Character sequence Presented symbol Meaning
<- Assignment symbol
<> Comparison operator
!= Comparison operator
<= Comparison operator
>= Comparison operator

Besides optically structuring text, this highlighting may also give helpful indications of syntactical flaws that might cause trouble on execution or code export.

Syntax highlighting makes only sense, of course, if you intend to fill in the diagram elements with nearly executable code. If you just write some comment-like plain text, pseudocode, or e.g. shell code (which is syntactically incompatible with HLL conventions) you will prefer to switch this highlighting mode off (see Highlight variables?).