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Structorizer itself has been designed and coded by Bob Fisch and is published, since version 2, as open-source application under the terms of the GNU GPL 3, which means that everyone is free to change the code to fit their own needs as long as the header comments remain intact, so that each part of code can be tracked down to its original author.

For the license conditions you may also see the About page on the Structorizer home and the "License" tab in the "About" info box (accessible via menu "Help › About..." or key combination <Shift><F1>) in Structorizer itself:

About dialog with contributors list

The "About" window also displays the following information:

  • version number of the running application,
  • the change history for this version,
  • the names of the implicated developers and inspirers,
  • the locations of
    • the installed product (installation path),
    • the used INI file (holding the configured preferences),
    • the logging file(s),
    • the Java home path (since version 3.30-17) and version:
  • Paths tab in the About dialog