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Since September 2015, Structorizer is located on Github. Presently the following people are actively involved:

  • Bob Fisch
  • Kay Gürtzig
  • Simon Sobisch
  • Alessandro Simonetta



Concerning the software itself:

  • Designed and developed by Bob Fisch
  • Maintained chiefly by Bob Fisch and Kay Gürtzig
  • Oberon source code generator coded by Klaus-Peter Reimers
  • Perl and KSH export implemented by Jan Peter Klippel
  • BASH generator written by Markus Grundner
  • Java source code export developed by Gunter Schillebeeckx
  • Subroutine call mechanism, visual runtime analysis, and more by Kay Gürtzig
  • COBOL import by Simon Sobisch and Kay Gürtzig
  • ANSI-C-99, Java, and Processing import written by Kay Gürtzig
  • Arranger group management designed and developed by Kay Gürtzig
  • Code preview, Javascript generator developed by Kay Gürtzig
  • ARM code generator (prototype) by Alessandro Simonetta et al.

Concerning this user guide:

  • First versions written by David Morais
  • Corrections and supplements done by Praveen Kumar
  • Recoded and extended by Bob Fisch
  • Several pages added by Jan Ollmann
  • PDF export by Bob Fisch
  • Most pages, all recent additions and updates by Kay Gürtzig
Further details can be found on the "Implicated Persons" tab in the "About" info box (accessible via menu "Help › About..." or key combination <Shift><F1>) in Structorizer itself.