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There are three series:

  • Version 1.x — Delphi

All these versions were coded in Delphi 6 PE and only work on Windows-based computers. Version "Light" 1.50 (not to be confused with 1.05) was a special one, because all the heavy features had been cut out.

  • Version 2.x — Lazarus

For these versions the original Delphi code was converted and adapted to fit into a Lazarus (FreePascal) project. Since Lazarus runs on different operating systems, a Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X (Intel only) version had been published. Actually, these versions were somewhat buggy and have never worked at 100%.

  • Version 3.x — Java

Having had too much trouble with Lazarus, the code had been ported and completely rewritten into Java. These versions are no longer bound to any operating system and run as expected.
Since release 3.32, at least Java 11 is required to run Structorizer.

See a very detailed history on the changelog page.