S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Installation > Windows

Download the latest package from http://structorizer.fisch.lu and unzip it somewhere on your hard drive. There is no special installation package. Simply run the file "Structorizer.exe".

When you first run Structorizer, it will register the file type ".nsd" and associate it to itself as default program, so you can double-click .nsd files later on to open them automatically within Structorizer.

This does not hold for the file types ".arr" and ".arrz" by now, however. These file types are produced by the Arranger module and should also be associated to Structorizer. The easiest way to do so is to double-click one of them and select Structorizer.exe via the dialog that will normally open. First choose to select the application from the list of installed programs and then - since Structorizer is not known to the registry - use the "Search..." button in order to locate the Structorizer.exe in the file system.

You may easily place a shortcut link on your Desktop if you right-click the file "Structorizer.exe" and then derive a link to it, e.g. via the "Create Link" item in the Explorer File menu. Move the created link to the desktop, the start menu, or wherever you like, and rename it appropriately.

Trouble-shooting on start and in batch mode

If Structorizer fails to start (usually you should at least get an error message if something goes wrong) then it is most likely due to a missing or obsolete Java installation - remember that Structorizer is Java-based and the .exe file is more or less a wrapping launcher. In order to find out what exactly is the problem you may open the console (e.g. by starting the "cmd.exe" program) and run the Structorizer.bat script file contained in the Structorizer directory. This way you should obtain the error description text giving you enough hints to fix the problem. You might redirect the console output and error streams directly to log files by one of the following command lines (the first one for different log files, the second one for a common log file with both streams mixed):
Structorizer.bat 1> out.log 2> err.log
Structorizer.bat > allout.log 2>&1

(You may also have a look in section Logging but the Structorizer logging mechanism first requires Structorizer to have started at all.)

The Structorizer.bat file is also helpful to do source code generation from nsd files or to derive nsd files from source files as batch task from the console or in a script (see Export source code and Import for details). Command Structorizer.bat -h prints you a short synopsis of the possible batch command options.