S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Installation > Mac OS X

Download the latest package from http://structorizer.fisch.lu and unzip it somewhere on your hard drive. There is no special installation package. Simply move the "Structorizer" application to your application folder or run it from where you have unpacked the archive. (In former versions there were some files "Structorizer.sh" and "Structorizer.exe" in the Structorizer folder, which are not needed under Mac OS X. You may simply delete them.)

When you first run Structorizer, it will register the file types ".nsd", ".arr", and ".arrz" and associate them to itself, so you can doubleclick NSD files and NSD arrangement files later on to open them automatically within Structorizer. (This feature became available for the Mac OS X since Structorizer 3.05.)