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Foreign diagram import

Structorizer allows to import Nassi Shneiderman diagram files generated by other free diagram editors:

(Both are alternative free editors for structograms, developed by Kevin Krummenauer, or Hans-Ulrich Steck, respectively, not necessarily open source, though.)

File menu with foreign diagram file import items (one selected)

To import diagrams emerging from one of these editors is quite straightforward: Select the respective menu item "File › Import › Struktogrammeditor" or "File › Import › hus-Struktogrammer" (see screenshot above) and use the popping-up file chooser dialog to elect the .strk or .stgr file you want to import. As a result you will obtain a structurally equivalent Nassi-Shneiderman diagram in Structorizer. (Note that an import of .stg files as emerging from the Delphi-based Stgr32 version of hus-Struktogrammer has not been implemented yet, but there is a simple workaround: You may use the Java version of hus-Struktogrammer to open them and convert them to equivalent .stgr files, which will then be importable.)

The import does not try to interpret any text content of the imported diagram elements. It will be imported as is. (So it will usually not be conform to the Executor-compatible Structorizer-specific syntax recommendations.)

(A PapDesigner flowchart import is also intended.)