S T R U C T O R I Z E R - User Guide
Installation > Linux

Download the latest package from http://structorizer.fisch.lu and unzip it somewhere on your hard drive. There is no special installation package. You can simply run the file "structorizer.sh" contained in the unzipped directory.

If you'd like to load a diagram upon the application startup just add its file path as argument to the command:

structorizer.sh ~/nsd/myExample.nsd

See Batch Export and Batch Import for a complete list of all command line options for Structorizer.


Please note, that, thanks to Philipp Huebner, there are also packages ready to install for Debian distributions. Unfortunately, they contain a very outdated Structorizer version (and are not guaranteed to be compatible with most recent Debian versions, either). You can download them right here:


It is currently an all-in-one package, shipping the libraries from the source package. I will now try to get structorizer working with the freehep libraries in Debian.

He recommends the following procedure for installation:

# dpkg -i
# apt-get install -f

The first step might fail due to missing dependencies. The second step will install these dependencies and then complete the installation.